PNB, founded in 2006 by Erik Buntinx, MD-Psychiatrist, CEO, creates
New Chemical Entities out of existing therapeutics combined with the
company’s proprietary technology. This technology aims to enhance
the efficacy of current standard of care pharmanceuticals used in
major psychiatric disorders with a high unmet medical need. Based on
Buntinx' inventions, PNB has granted composition of matter and
method of use patents for the technology in the US, Canada, Japan
and Europe for the individual compounds in its pipeline.

The company currently has a core group of 7 key top specialists –
Buntinx, Ludo Haazen, MD, CMO, Remi Van Den Broeck, MD-MSc, CDO,
Didier de Chaffoy, PhD, CSO, Philippe Lemmens, PhD, Director Clinical
Development, Lieven Baert, PhD, MBA, Director CMC and Patricia
Baede, PhD, Director Regulatory Affairs – and uses a virtual model,
contracting drug development people in as required, with an aim to
remain dynamic and efficient.

The most advanced product in PharmaNeuroBoost’s pipeline is PNB01
in the treatment of major depressive disorder. Over its first five years
of life, PharmaNeuroBoost has proved its innovative fixed-dose
combination concepts in preclinical and clinical proof of concept trials,
and has shown support from the FDA for a pivotal trial that uses a
new endpoint demonstrating superior efficacy over standard of care.
During 2011, the company will initiate phase III trials for PNB01 and
phase IIa trials for PNB02, respectively in the treatment of major
depression and schizophrenia.

PNB’ Business Plan is oriented to collaborate with high value partners
for co-development and/or commercialization of the late  stage
products. Like any drug development company, PharmaNeuroBoost
needs to show the efficacy of its products, and in this case, it faces
the additional challenge of that need to demonstrate superiority over
standard of care, rather than placebo. However, if the products can
achieve this, they could have a potential step up into a large and
lucrative market.
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